Needed someone to blame stuff on. So I turned an old widowed sock into… him. It’s all his fault.


Tour Diary Pt. 2

Day 4: Göttingen, Hostel 37

How nice to unpack my bags for two nights in a row!

I have a hostel room to myself, a cozy bed and a nice warm shower next door, thus end up sleeping long and getting up just in time for a big breakfast with all sorts of funny treats I have never seen before. White chocolate spread! Dark chocolate spread! Funny vegan salami! A morning full of glorious whimsicalities!


Later, preparations for the concert begin, Anja follows mysterious Swedish recipes to make chocolate crispies and cinnamon buns while Sören begins to turn the corner of the hall into a stage, hanging loads of red and blue lampions for the ceiling - which looks adventurous at first but turns out to be a very pretty solution, once the chaos of cables and socket sets dangling from the ceiling are successfully hidden. We are all very proud.

And in fact, to my surprise, as the clock turns four some people start coming and the room is well filled as I begin to play. Some familiar faces, again, some old acquaintances, some friends of friends I met the other night, even the girl that had driven me from Munich came with some people.

And the evening ends with a nice dinner and a whisky sour before I curl back into my hostel bed and sleep.


Day 5: Chemnitz, Lesecafé Nachschlach

I could well stay a little longer in this funny little hostel family, but after some more rolls with vegan white chocolate spread and a leftover cinnamon bun it is time to say goodbye. We discover a pair of perfectly symmetrical pieces of ginger that make for great antlers, I acquire one of the beautiful Binoculers cassettes from the tape label and find a nicely illustrated book about Native Mexican Dances in the book trade shelf which they tell me I can keep, and off I hike to the station.


But that book: What a great catch! Even the ticket collector lady on the train to Chemnitz is obviously impressed by its nice drawings as she asks for my ticket and wants to know if I can perform those. I must disappoint her, but therefor show her the beautiful costume for the ladies that consists of parasitic moss. The train connection is somewhat weird, it appears that this sad city in the east is pretty much detached from all the world. 


But I still make my way there and find another, very different, great space: The café´s walls are covered with books over and over, even the ceiling is wallpapered with single pages in the back, and full book covers in the front of the room. Neither decoration nor name of this place leave any doubts about its purpose: It’s called Lesecafé - reading café - and run by a bunch of volunteers. One of them is already setting up the PA system, another one putting coals in the oven to heat up the very cold room, others in the kitchen work on vegan chili and burgers (the second night in a row with a vegan food theme!).

A nice place to play for a bunch of kind people and two bellowing dogs, learn a bit about the city, though I was too late to go discover it myself, and end up having long talks at the bar..

After which I withdraw to the band apartment, upstairs in this house where there’s a lot of free and empty space because this group of people just started to create a space for living and working in the building. I take it as an opportunity to make some music for myself right in the middle of the night and then, with an electric heater against the bitter cold and some warm soft blankets, sleep briefly but tightly til the morning - in fact so tight and slightly longer that there are ten minutes left from the moment waking up to standing one bus stop further at the street to wait for my car sharing guy.  


Day 6: Cologne, off day

It works though, with unkempt hair and shaking knees and racing heart I make it to the station. A rush in the morning, a sleepy ride to Leipzig, a quirky breakfast in a Leipzig coffee house, and good good sleep on a train to the old home: Cologne.

Next stop: Groningen with Honig and my favorite band. <3

Tour Diary Pt. 1


Day 1: Munich, Reitknecht 6

Munich. I stagger out of the car in which I’ve just slept for six hours straight with only one brief interruption and into the central station. It’s noon, I am hours early and my first steps lead me into the crappiest Starbucks I’ve ever seen - because it promises a load of caffeine, a place to sit and free wireless internet. The night before had been sleepless and ended with me packing my things within twenty minutes and running through the rain to catch my bus at 6am. Now, having thrown some water into my face in the station bathroom and replaced the lost spoon for my couscous salad with two wooden sticks for stirring coffee from Starbucks, I sit down on a platform with bad filter coffee and my lunch, watch train guards with real raccoon fur hats and begin to feel like an unkempt shabby, tramp.. but happy.


Some hours, a very nice walk in good company and a number of coffee doses later, I find time to unsuccessfully try to record a little video of a new song I am trying to perform tonight. I have already finished setting up in the dim light of Reitknecht, where the concert is about to take place but am interrupted, decide to finish crafting some CDs and finally get tired in the low light.
Right as I’m almost falling asleep waiting for the gig to finally start, the first guests come.. slowly the room fills, so that I can begin to play a small, slightly uncoordinated but apparently well appreciated set to a very quiet and attentive little crowd. My setup is new, so things don’t work smoothly yet, but people are forgiving and lovely and astonish me with wonderful responses afterwards.. what a sweet night.


Day 2: Munich, Living Room Gig

After a late but lovely long breakfast with my hosts the day, grey and dull and rainy, appears perfect to be spent indoors, sharing a kitchen table with my friend who’s setting up his brand new tablet while I organize my trip, buying train tickets and booking car sharing opportunities. 
Hours pass, quietly, peacefully.


And suddenly time flies, it’s morning again and I am making coffee in the kitchen of Sven, who had invited me to play in his living room the previous night. I wait for the espresso machine to make its magic noise and remember the empty apartment I entered and how it then filled with lots of people and turned into a cozy, lively space for that night, with a blend of complete strangers, friends of friends, friends from Berlin and familiar faces from earlier concerts, remember the very intense, good atmosphere of the little concert that I played with a desk lamp as a mic stand and a sideboard to put my stuff upon, remember numerous capturing talks with numerous people, lovely and weird situations. It would be impossible to draw or even to describe it all… but believe me, it was good.
Now though it’s already time to get ready to catch the next car… 


Day 3: Göttingen, day off

A girl from Göttingen is giving me a ride in her big old Volvo, where I’ll spend the next hours sitting, talking, dozing off in the thick grey of Germany’s winter highway landscapes, going north.

A hostel awaits me in Göttingen, which will be my home and venue for the next two days. And I am being greeted with the wonderful yellow warmth of good pumpkin soup, vanilla pudding and the prospect of cinnamon buns. How could it possibly be better. The people, also make it easy once more to instantly feel at home, and I begin to look forward to the next day with its afternoon concert and swedish buns.